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The eel cucumber maki rolls provide a refreshing break from the spice. These rolls are served eight to a plate and are eaten with chopsticks. This is one of the many delicious sushi options at Dsasumo.

The eel avocado maki rolls provide a creamy bite the helps balance a meal.

yelp reviews
The eel avocado maki rolls provide a creamy bite that helps balance a meal. These rolls are served eight to a plate and are eaten with chopsticks. This is one of the many delicious sushi options at Dsasumo.

This lunch special has dancing shrimp, miso soup, salad, california rolls, and rice.

Dsasumo Menu
This lunch special has dancing shrimp, miso soup, salad, California rolls, and rice. The lunch special provides a variety of foods for a bargain. This is just one of the many delicious options at Dsasumo.

This lunch special has red curry , miso soup, salad, california rolls, and rice.

yelp reviews
This lunch special has red curry , miso soup, salad, California rolls, and rice. The lunch special provides a variety of foods for a bargain. This is just one of the many delicious options at Dsasumo.

Dsasumos, a quiet restaurant, is the place to go for authentic Asian  and Thai cuisine. At Dsasumos, upon arriving guests are given a glass of water and a menu. This isn’t a long wait and as the restaurant appears to have a large staff, service is usually quick. For lunch an economical and delicious option is the lunch special. This meal comes with a salad, miso soup, entree of your choice, rice, and either a California roll or an egg roll. It costs $13- $14. (Soup is not included with takeout).

The Kraken Chef Roll is another delicious order at Dsasumos.

Dsasumo menu
The Kraken Chef Roll is another delicious order at Dsasumos. Made with Spicy shrimp, cucumber, jalapeno, avocado, tempura flakes, and tuna, this dish is very original. Dsasumo has many other original chef rolls with exotic or unexpected ingredients.

The Miso soup is an unusual, but pleasant combination of salty sweet miso, seaweed, and delicious, creamy tofu. Though surprising (and extremely salty) at first, this soup is an excellent way to start a meal. Eaten with a chirirenge (Japanese spoon), this soup takes you across the ocean to Japan in just one bite. 

The salad is another unexpected bite with a nice bed of green romaine lettuce serving as a base for shredded carrots and a ginger carrot dressing. Though this dressing has hints of ginger, it isn’t spicy, making this salad the perfect accompaniment to a warm and spicy curry.  The egg roll is filled with many vegetables and meat. This isn’t the best option for a person with egg allergies, since it may contain, as the name implies, egg.

A healthier alternative to the egg roll, the California Roll is a delicious bite, filled with crab meat, avocado and other vegetables. This roll has rice on the outside coated in sesame seeds. It tastes slightly fishy and fresh. 

The red curry is a delicious dish of bamboo shoots, peppers, and basil. Though comfortably warm at first bite, this dish soon gives way to extreme heat. This dish has the pleasant taste of lemon grass and chile peppers. Though this dish is described as mild, it has quite a bit of heat. 

Mongolian beef, a dish consisting of onions, dried chiles, beef and a house sauce, all served over rice, is tender and delicious. A very filling dish, it has a nice flavor and is very mild, though the peppers may be spicy. 

The eel avocado and eel cucumber sushi is also delicious. Both served with a sticky sauce, the eel avocado is very creamy with a slightly fishy taste. The eel cucumber sushi is a refreshing bite with the hydrating cucumbers in the sushi. Dsasumos also makes more elaborate chef rolls ranging from $12- $20. These rolls have more exotic ingredients and a more exciting presentation. 

The Red Dragon Chef Roll is a popular order at Dsasumos.

Dsasumo menu
The Red Dragon Chef Roll is a popular order at Dsasumos. Made with Spicy tuna, avocado, mayo, and siracha, this dish is very unique. Dsasumo has many other original chef rolls with exotic or unexpected ingredients.

has fresh, exciting meals that are served in large portions with a low cost. These reasons and it’s close proximity to downtown make it a great place for NC students to go for lunch. There is excellent fast service and take-out is offered. Dsasumo is a great place to go for authentic asian cuisine far inland.

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NC yearbook sales decrease Wed, 11 Mar 2020 21:16:44 +0000 NCJournalism students struggle to raise funds necessary to produce a yearbook. A yearbook can be a memorable memento of a student’s high school experience. As technology and social media make sharing every part of every day a common trend, some students wonder why they should even buy a yearbook. Besides supporting the NC Journalism program, yearbooks can help keep your high school memories fresh even thirty years down the road. College students often enjoy looking back through old year books and laughing at the dumb choices they made. Many parents today will laugh at their dated hairstyles or their friend’s appearance. Also, as technology continues to advance, there may come a day when the photos from high school that were on your phone, are inaccessible or incompatible with new technology. When you buy a hard copy of your memories and photos, a yearbook, you buy a long lasting source of high school photos. With proper care a yearbook can even outlast you! Still, even with a good reason, many students don’t buy yearbooks.

What many students don’t realize is that not buying a yearbook directly affects NC Journalism students. This year, the cost to produce 600 yearbooks is about $59,000. While some of this money is raised from the sale of parent ads and business ads, much of this money is made through the purchase of yearbooks. This decline in sales could mean the price of the yearbook will continue to rise. Due to the surplus last year of unsold yearbooks, there will only be 600 yearbooks this year. To guarantee yourself a yearbook, it is recommended that you purchase a yearbook as soon as possible. To ensure there will be another yearbook, do your part by buying a yearbook. To buy your yearbook, you can go online to

By ordering online, not only are you sure that the form goes to the right place, you can also add a clear book protector with a symbol on it. Yearbooks can also be ordered through the office. 

Yearbooks are treasure troves of memories. Don’t deny your future self the opportunity to look back on high school. Buy a yearbook, or you might regret it.

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Age Defies Expectation Wed, 11 Mar 2020 21:14:22 +0000 People are supposed to be considered an adult at the age of eighteen but are they really? At the age of eighteen, you are able to move out, are able to drop out of school without parents’ permission, you can serve your country etc, but there are still many things that people are not allowed to do until they reach an older age such as buying alcohol or tobacco and renting a car, etc.
When you turn eighteen a lot of things come into play and some people don’t know how much one little thing can impact your life. You are legally able to be arrested and sentenced as an adult whereas at seventeen you wouldn’t have had to deal with as many consequences.
During the 1970s through the early 1980s, there was a very specific idea of what it meant to be an adult. It was to be married with a house and a child, but over time it’s changed and is different with everyone you ask. Some say eighteen and others from twenty-one to twenty-five.
Hunter Weickum, a senior, thinks the age you are finally an adult is twenty-five because the frontal cortex isn’t fully developed until you are twenty-five to thirty. Then Ms. McMechan a teacher from NC said it is twenty-one because we get a little experience before you turn eighteen so when you finally are that age and finding everything out. McMechan said twenty-one because if you went to college that’s around the age you figure everything out.
Multiple teachers and students have said that twenty-three or four is when they’re finally going to be considered an adult. They said this is because the age of smoking and drinking are both now twenty-one and a few years after that is when people truly start to mature.
There are people who say that if you are able to fight for your country you should be considered an adult. However, others believe that in order to be truly an adult you must also be on your own in your own house or apartment.
In retrospect you’re not allowed to rent a car until the age of twenty-five, but says there are places underage people can rent a car, (depending on the state age limits) but they have to pay a fee and meet specific requirements.
Everyone’s opinions vary on the age you are considered an adult. The three most common seem to be eighteen, twenty-one and twenty-three, but the ages vary from sixteen to late twenties.

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Students audition for The Outsiders Wed, 11 Mar 2020 21:05:42 +0000 Many of you are familiar with the bestselling novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, as well as the movie based on the book.  If you don’t know about it here is a brief introduction to the story.

The story follows a young teenage boy named Ponyboy who is a part of a group of “greasers.” He is close to both his brothers and his friends, but they have to deal with another group: the Socs. These are a gang of well off kids whose main form of entertainment is harassing the greasers. Everything is okay for Ponyboy, until someone takes matters too far. 

It is a wonderful story that is about coming of age, family, friendship, and having a place to belong. It has been described as a book written “about teenagers, for teenagers, and by a teenager” according to the New York Times. It provides an interesting perspective on life and relationships, why we do what we do, and seeing things from other people’s points of view.

This is the story that has been adapted for the stage and will also be the spring play at NCHS. Auditions were held in the theatre classroom (room 1086) after school on February 24th and 25th.  The characters include Ponyboy plus six more of the main greasers; a few main socs; Cherry and Marcia, the female leads; and a few more smaller roles. 

There are many other benefits to being in a play, such as improved self-confidence, a greater empathetic understanding of people, increased imagination, concentration and cooperative skills, improved memory, and even the benefit of physical fitness. 

The cast list includes:

Austin Foley as Ponyboy, Cuinn Lovelace as Johnny, Shane Trottier as Bob, Cameron Allender as Randy, Trenton Cothren as Dallas, Giuliana Engleman as Two-Bit, Logyn Chester as Darry, Andy Jozwik as Sodapop, Jillian Wallace as Sandy, Rhiannon McLean as Cherry, Brynly LaChance as Marcia, Mrs. Jackie O’Briant as Aster Harrison, Kelby Eisenman as Jerry, Jenny Gehred as the Doctor, Grace Boutte as the Nurse, Alyssa Hampton as Ms. Syme, Nick Goar as Paul. Understudies include: Kelby Eisenman, Tanner Bower, Samantha Hollister, Marquis Taggart and Kolbe Zettl.

The Outsiders book cover.
Students will be auditioning for the play based on the classic novel by S. E. Hinton.

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The NC DECA Team Helps out in the School Store Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:44:37 +0000   The Mustang Market is the central hub for NC students. The school store is the place  to buy food and school merchandise. The school store sells muffins, chips, pop-tarts and more. The store also sells t-shirts, water bottles, hats, bags and lanyards. The store is open on Mondays during A block, upperclassmen lunch and D block; on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-3:15; on Wednesdays during A block, Mustang Connections, upperclassmen lunch and D block; and the store is open during both lunches on Fridays.

  The school store is able to be in operation because Ms. William’s business class runs it. DECA members learn industry skills like customer service, inventory management and more when they work in the school store. Taylor McLaughlin, a DECA member, says, “I like working here because it gives me experience first hand on some things that I need to know in a business.” 

DECA team members are the ones who decide what to sell in the school store, they also take suggestions from other students on what to sell. DECA students spend the month of December writing a 50 page report to get the school based enterprise ready to be Gold Certified. Gold certification means that the school store is efficient 87% of the time or more. The school store has been Gold Certified for three years in a row and has earned Gold Certification every year they have competed. The school store helps fund DECA’s events. DECA has events like the safe Halloween trick-or-treat. They also help Mimi’s house. Mimi’s house is a group that assists and inspires homeless youth of Casper 16-19 years old. DECA does business and entrepreneurship activities to teach its members how to run a business. 

  Any students wanting to work in the school store should go talk to Ms. Williams in room 2018. Any clubs, activities or teachers needing to fundraise should also go to Ms. Williams to help out and stock your merchandise. The store is here to serve the students and the NC community. 


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Paranormal Investigation: An introduction Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:39:14 +0000 If you have gone to Natrona County High School for even a short while, you’ve most likely heard some account or another about the ghost or ghosts that reside within the school auditorium. Some say there are three that are tied to three separate deaths; one was said to have been stabbed to death in one of the front row seats, another is said to have fallen from the balcony, and is rumored to have fallen or jumped from the tower above. Others believe there is just one ghost. Both students and teachers alike talk about it or mention it in passing. She has been given different names, such as “Beatrice” or “Abigail.” The existence of these apparitions or entities has been linked to multiple occurrences, such as equipment not working with no explanation and sightings of a figure in the catwalk. This article will explore this subject as well as provide a brief introduction to the topic of the paranormal and the investigation of such.

Many are curious about the ghost in the auditorium. There happens to be a past investigation into the matter. The Paranormal Research Society of Casper (PRSC) conducted an investigation of the auditorium in February of 2008. Based on the investigation that took place, the majority of claims seem to have been debunked. The main tool for proving or debunking paranormal occurrences is measuring electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  

According to, EMFs can have an impact on the human brain, having neurological effects such as hallucinations, and causing ghost sightings and feelings of a place being haunted. Of course, this can only debunk an apparition or haunting if the EMF has a source that is accounted for. Many paranormal experts say that a ghost, spirit, or other form of haunting can create their own electromagnetic field. When an EMF meter shows the existence of a field without a source that can be accounted for, it could be caused by a ghost or other paranormal phenomena.

 Some sources that create electromagnetic fields in everyday life are electronics, geological features such as coal seams and natural gas vents, and even people. When the PRSC investigated our auditorium, they found large EMFs around the stage and the dressing rooms, which would make sense considering the sizable amount of electrical equipment in the vicinity. 

Despite this evidence debunking the potential existence of a ghost or haunting  within these walls, there could still be unexplained happenings that just simply have not been explored yet.

People have always had a fascination with the paranormal. Investigators try to mollify this curiosity.

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Paranormal Investigation: What are you seeing? Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:37:23 +0000 Most people, when they witness something of a paranormal nature, have a tendency to generalize, saying they “saw the ghost of…” or “a spirit haunts my house” etc. What they don’t realize is that there are distinctions between the different types of things people see. For those who have an interest in the matter, it would be good to be able to tell the difference between paranormal entities. 

One thing to clear up, is that anything you see that isn’t really there or living, such as a ghost or spirit, is called an apparition. One common misconception many people have is the idea that ghosts and spirits are the same and that those are the only things you see in a haunted place. According to Hans Holzer, a professor of parapsychology, and, there is a distinct difference. Ghosts are said to be the soul of one who has been unable to pass on and are generally tied to the place that they died. Most would have what you call “unfinished business” and many are unaware that they are dead or do not accept the way in which they died, which many times was very tragic or unnatural.

Spirits, on the other hand, are the remaining memories and personality of one who has passed on and is able to move between realms. They aren’t tied to a particular place and are simply a leftover soul with no body. These encounters are most often spurred by an emotional connection with a loved one and this may result in a visit from a spirit. 

One other common form of apparition is what is considered a “place haunting”, in which a highly emotional or energized event that occurred in the past simply replays over and over again, much like a song on repeat. If you have ever heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk”, know that perhaps they do, and just so happen to give the occasional scare when they do so.

Another interesting misunderstanding of ghosts and spirits is their ability to move objects. Many say that they do move things, like doors or other objects, but researchers in the field discovered that they do not actually move those objects, but rather provide the illusion of said object being moved. When an object within a house is actually being moved, apparently on its own, such a happening could be attributed to a poltergeist. The word poltergeist literally means “noisy ghost,” but in actuality this is far from accurate. From what experts know, poltergeist-like activity can be traced to living people who are controlling and moving objects either with or without their own knowledge.
Many people wonder about the apparitions that they see, whether they be ghost, spirit, or something else.

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IB Juniors receive Mac Book computers Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:34:13 +0000 Juniors at NC taking at least five IB classes received MacBook Airs to help them complete research and writing necessary for the IB program. NC Principal Shannon Harris said that the computers were purchased through NC’s yearly tech budget in order to help IB students complete their work easier as well as become an incentive for students to participate in full IB in the future. Senior IB students received computers at the beginning of the school year, but juniors just recently received them in January. Initially the 20 computers were only handed out to students enrolled in full IB, but there were a few more computers than full IB students, so the remaining were given to students in five or more IB classes. 

Harris said, “We always have lots of students asking for computers, but some of the teachers had mentioned the extended essay, (a large research paper written by full IB students) and the research that is required for IB, and we (NC administration) thought it might be a nice incentive to encourage students to participate in the full IB program.” Harris estimated that each of the 20 computers is worth around $1,100. 

NC junior Isabella Brown, who is currently full IB, received a computer and said it has definitely made her life easier. Brown said a major advantage of a computer compared to an iPad is that a computer comes with a built in keyboard, whereas iPads require a plug in keyboard in order to type. Another advantage Brown brought up is that YouTube isn’t blocked on her computer so she is able to watch videos for research.” 

In regards to whether or not access to a computer will incentivize taking IB courses Brown said, “It (receiving a computer) is a nice perk, but don’t do it  just for that.” Although students who received computers were able to keep their iPads, Brown admitted that she never uses her iPad anymore. “It’s actually dead on my desk (at home) right now.” 

Brown, as well as many other IB students who received computers, definitely won’t want to go back to iPads anytime soon. Luckily for them and future IB students, Harris said the plan is to continue to offer computers to full IB students and mostly full IB students if any are left over.


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Paranormal Investigation: Paranormal being or demon? Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:29:27 +0000 Depending on what you have heard or know about the paranormal, you may have heard plenty about demons as well as ghosts and spirits. Sometimes people may refer to them interchangeably or at the very least, the line distinguishing the two categories  can become blurred. The first thing to do when determining the differences would be to define what each of them are. 

The defining features of ghosts, spirits, and hauntings have been presented in a previous article, but for the sake of review, ghosts are the souls of those who have died with “unfinished business” and are unable to pass on. Spirits are the remaining personalities of people who have passed on and can travel between realms. Place hauntings are the “recordings” of past events in a place that are conveyed over and over, similar to a song on repeat. All three would fall under the category of paranormal being.

On the other hand, demons are in the category of religious beings. According to, the concept of demons come from many religions, both ancient and modern. These would include religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Though often generalized as being evil spirits, demons can be more specifically defined by western religions as being fallen angels or minions of the devil. Different from ghosts or spirits, who cannot be banished from a place against their will, demons are said to be able to be removed by the rite of exorcism.

When trying to determine what you could be dealing with, you must know the identifying characteristics and activities of the different entities. Ghosts and spirits tend to be seen rather than anything else. According to the ASSAP and SPR, they can appear at any time of day, don’t usually say much, and many people don’t realize that they didn’t see a normal person until they notice out of date clothing or see the ghost or spirit disappear. The presence of a demon, on the other hand, is generally made known in other ways. Many occurrences that accompany such beings include unexplainable bad smells, loud knocks or bangs (these tend to come in threes), growling noises, and destruction of religious objects.

When dealing with different entities, knowing who to call is helpful. When dealing with a ghost, spirit, or other haunting, you could call a paranormal expert to verify it and to learn more. If you suspect a demon, the people to call would be those trained in exorcism or removing demons. Some Catholic priests are trained in the rite of exorcism and there are some groups of people, called demonologists, who believe themselves experts in the field.
Demonic and paranormal activity can often be confused with each other when deciding where to go for help or information.

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Fashion Design Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:27:13 +0000 Ask any Barbie crazy girl her dream job and many will respond: princess, fairy, or fashion designer. Fashion design isn’t the pink princess industry it may seem. For one thing it is a difficult business to break into with cutthroat competition between brands. Another misconception is the half baked idea that a fashion designer just draws clothes. Most of the people we call designers aren’t actually designers. They work on the research and design team or as pattern cutters. A fashion house is like a laboratory. Some people research while others experiment on working to find the best solutions. 

Fashion Designers create wearable apparel. Often the names we know (such as Coco Chanel or Christian Dior), are actually house names, not designer names.(Houses often control multiple brands). The designers who create the clothes we wear often don’t receive credit for their designs. For example, unless it’s a diffusion line, when was the last time you knew who designed the clothes for Target?  There are many different levels of Fashion design, but the three main ones; Budget, Haute Couture, And Pret -a- Porter are the most well known. 

Budget clothes are those that you might find at the Eastridge Mall, such as Macy’s, Target, and JC Penney. These garments are usually pretty cheap and often don’t have any radical new ideas. Usually these clothes are pretty classic. 

Pret – a- Porter clothes are designer clothes. According to, these clothes come from high end brands such as Missoni or Gucci. These companies are often decades old and often use new techniques and silhouettes to produce interesting, yet still wearable clothing. 

Haute Couture clothes come from old fashion houses that are approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. They must also produce clothes that are custom made with at least one fitting. They also must have fifteen full time staff and twenty technical staff (specialty workers for things like embroidery). Dior and Chanel are some of the most famous Haute Couture houses. The clothes produced are often not very wearable and are used to promote these companies designer lines.

Chanel models Spring 2020 Haute Couture collection.

Google Images
Chanel models Spring 2020 Haute Couture collection. Even though these outfits are wearable, they are hand embellished, placing them in the category of Haute Couture. Fashion designers work on collections that are displayed during fashion shows.

Pattern cutters design the patterns to make the garments. They also make garment prototypes to test how well the garment fits. Clothing designers also work with textile designers to design custom textiles for a garment. Liberty is well known for their floral prints. 

Fabric research and development also works with textiles, but instead of focusing on how it looks, they focus on how the fabric acts. Fabrics like Lycra  are the output of this career path. According to career, as technology expands the fashion world, new careers have been created such as 3D printer technician. 

Fashion designers basically control the fashion world. They get inspiration from many sources including trend forecasting books. Since many trend forecasting books are used by multiple design houses, some colors may frequently be used. These colors and motifs are considered to be “in style” and are then incorporated into more affordable clothes. 

The fashion industry is a demanding, but often rewarding  career field to work in. Though the job of a fashion designer may be challenging, the effort required is a bargain for the amount of control and influence one has over the world.  I am interested in this career, and so am taking art classes, as a good art background is essential in this field.  



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